Mercredi 16 février 2011

lamb bags Mother and daughter desperate struggle deter criminals armed with knives burglary

lamb bags Mother and daughter desperate struggle deter criminals armed with knives burglary

The heroic struggle of the mother and daughter with criminals.
small static to reporters about what happened.

mother and daughter are restaurant for dinner, even criminals armed with knives into the house, mother and daughter found,lamb bags, and the gang launched a desperate struggle, blood spattered living room, the ultimate weapon to be broken criminals fled. Yesterday afternoon, although it has in the past two days, Ms. Lee,brahmin handbags, who lives in Shekou peninsula city and daughter to reporters about the scene at the time, or of fear. They say that the mother and daughter of the heroic spirit, only so that they survived.

are criminals dinner knife burglary

introduced,coin purse, according to Ms. Lee,louis vuitton multicolor handbag, her 60-year-old, this year in April, she and her 20-year-old daughter,kanye west louis vuitton, moved into the Peninsula Town state 2,celebrity handbags, since the early occupation did not take long,straw bags, only a small number of owner-occupied residential,tanner krolle, most of the houses are still decorated,louis vuitton bag, decoration of the officers usually are very much coming and going.

8 .8 more than the evening of 19,louis vuitton neverfull, Ms. Lee and her daughter is eating in a restaurant, fast finish,louis vuitton denim bags, when Ms. Lee prepared to take-home garden pack on the table what the newspaper, when she opened the households Garden lights,sabina handbags, not so react,purses boutique, not far from the door safe position leap out of a figure,cheap handbags, Aunt Lee was throwing himself about on the sofa, following that,louis vuitton clutch, a knife on the shelf in her neck . Ms. Lee,

-home garden movement alarmed Ms. Lee's daughter,custom handbags, little static,buy louis vuitton handbags, and she hastened to-home garden view,lv bags on sale, saw a strange man around the neck with a knife to her mother, she cried out a cry : and striking to the small static.

heroic mother and eventually saved his

thugs with a knife stab in the small quiet moment, a small quiet selfless welcome hand to hold,wholesale handbags and purses, and then forced a pull, cut thin Paper cutter look broken from the root. Criminals seeing what Huang Leshen,leather purses, so small static hand brutally Qiazhe neck,duffle bag, pinch too small quiet breath.

Ms. Lee broke free from the hands of criminals, the criminals that attack on her daughter, determined to pick up the table towards the criminals head on the porcelain smashing,teal handbag, smashing two consecutive ceramics, and small quiet here Time is also desperate resistance,louis vuitton handbags 2007, the criminals look Zhaojiabuzhu.

no weapon,louis vuitton kalahari bag, facing the mother and daughter's courageous resistance, under the ruthless criminals want to hand on the cutter with a broken neck towards small static stamp to the absence of the blade,bcbg handbags, leaving only a small static neck a little under the mark. And Ms. Lee to protect her daughter,louis vuitton clutch purse, the right hand was broken knife criminals plan to use a several times, immediately bled. As mother and daughter in fight,louie v, it is also cry a time is difficult to see the mother and daughter clothing,metallic handbags, gang forced open the door and rushed out, and soon disappeared in the corridor.

property companies dissatisfied with the attitude that mother and daughter

criminals fled after Ms. Lee and her daughter called the police. After police arrived,purse wholesale, listening to things through,louis vuitton for sale, that is really mother and daughter survived, injured Ms. Lee was then taken to hospital.

although it has in the past two days, but Ms. Lee can easily enter the door on the criminals, but also in their dinner when they dare to pry the safe house, said he was very puzzled. According to their description,handbag manufacturers, home of the door can only be opened by fingerprint or password,across body bags, if not criminals understand the situation beforehand and could not enter the home,louis vuitton bucket bag, she suspected the person familiar with the situation at home for the case.

Ms. Lee said that this happened, residential property management an important responsibility, after the video surveillance in the district, and found no knife-wielding man burglary,giraffe purses, but discovered to their house before the renovation of the labor contractor a relative over the wall out of the compound. Community property has yet to express condolences on their door, as if something has nothing to do with them, which makes the mother and daughter is very unhappy.

's property services to the Peninsula city center, but center officials declined the interview.

present, Shekou station has accepted the case,discount louis vuitton luggage, is the case for further investigation.
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